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Known issues

The following known issues affect the current version of Working Papers and related products.

Working Papers

  • When Working Papers is integrated with CaseWare Cloud, the Cloud Login dialog incorrectly displays twice.

  • When Working Papers is integrated with a Cloud portal where Cloud Security is enabled, login credentials are not retained when working offline. As a result, local copies of Cloud integrated files become inaccessible. Users who disable Cloud Integration to bypass this issue will receive a login prompt which cannot be fulfilled.

  • Cloud login sessions expire abruptly when a workstation switches to 'sleep' mode.

  • An error displays when opening Leadsheet/Grouping automatic documents on workstations with an unsupported version of Internet Explorer.

    Solution: Update Internet Explorer to version 11 or later.

  • Adjusted materiality does not display in Leadsheet/Grouping automatic documents for group numbers that are greater than 22 characters in length.


  • When Working Papers is installed on Windows 10 (Build 1607) or Windows Server 2016 (Build 1607), CaseView stops responding after closing a document.

    Solution: Update Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 to a more recent build.

  • Cells cannot be added or removed from an existing conditional formatting rule.

    Workaround: Create a new rule with the required cells.

Data Store Administration Tool

  • The Force Password Change property on Active Directory users is not retained when the Synchronize property is selected on the associated Active Directory group.

    Workaround: Select Force Password Change again after the Active Directory group has synchronized.


  • Shared views may duplicate in the Views pane after restarting Tracker.

  • Local sync copies of client files may not always be visible to other computers.

  • The date and time when a file was last accessed may not synchronize between computers.

  • After publishing a file to SmartSync Server, you can no longer expand the Location column.

    Workaround: Refresh the view or restart Tracker.

  • Traditional SmartSync parent files cannot be published to a SmartSync Server using Tracker.

    Workaround: Publish the file from Working Papers.

  • Adding or removing a SmartSync Server then attempting to file scan may cause Tracker to stop responding.

    Workaround: Add or remove the server from Working Papers.

  • Adding a SmartSync Server with no files may cause Tracker to stop responding.

  • Creating a child copy of a consolidated file on SmartSync Server does not automatically prompt you to create a child copy of the entity file.

    Workaround: Create the child copy from the File | Open menu in Working Papers.