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Consolidation feature allows you to combine several entities into one client file (the parent company) for the purpose of publishing consolidated financial statements.

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  • This topic contains a flowchart to guide the user on how to set up client files for a consolidated company.

  • Information to consider when consolidating in a SmartSync environment.

  • Troubleshooting Consolidated Files FAQ

    Frequently asked questions on troubleshooting in consolidated files.

  • Using Divisions
  • Use the Working Papers consolidation feature to help set up divisions and subdivisions. Divisions are useful for creating layouts that account for more than one company or division of a company in one file.

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  • Use the Consolidation dialog to consolidate two or more files into the active client file. Entities are structured according to a generally accepted tree structure (e.g. Windows Explorer and Working Papers Document Manager) allowing for any number of branches.