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What's new - Working Papers 2018: Update 1

The following describes the features and fixes between versions 2018.00.111 (Release 2) and 2018.00.196 (Release 4).

Note: Review on the Go has been discontinued with the release of CaseWare Cloud 28.0.

Working Papers

Automatic documents

  • The Graphs view now includes ratios for the opened leadsheet so you can easily compare them to your balances. Ratios are calculated from the Analytical Review automatic document.

  • You can now display the breakdown of calculated map or group numbers in Leadsheet/Grouping automatic documents without drilling down. To display the breakdown, click Show Calculated Map/Group Breakdown in the Automatic Document Properties dialog.

  • Materiality in automatic documents is no longer included when printing or exporting a document.


  • Updated imports to the latest software versions including, but not limited to:

    • MYOB AccountRight Live 2017, 2018
    • Pastel Partner v18
    • ProSystem fx 2017.2
    • Sage BusinessVision 2019
    • Sage 50 US 2019
  • All imports requiring Pervasive SQL now support PSQL v13.

  • Working Papers now supports SQL Server 2017.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Sage One Accounting import dialog to only display the first 100 entities.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the file name of documents containing special characters to become corrupted when dragged from the internal web browser to the Document Manager.

  • Fixed an issue where importing data to an offline Cloud sync copy would cause Working Papers to stop responding.

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading to Working Papers 2018 from an earlier version required users to restart their computer twice.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a script error to display when opening automatic documents with a name containing a single or double quote.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a "local string variable" error to display when opening a Leadsheet/Grouping automatic document that had a blank grouping/mapping mask.

  • Fixed an issue with Excel imports where account descriptions were appended to the account number.

  • Fixed an issue where importing a trial balance from CCH caused Working Papers to stop responding.

  • Fixed an issue where the Browse button did not display in the Copy Components dialog if the user had a custom Windows theme.



  • Added the SDATETOJ function for cell calculations. This function returns a CaseWare date in numeric format from a date string in Windows format.

  • You can now copy and paste Conditional Formatting rules from a cell using the Copy Formatting command.


  • Improved load times of Print Preview for CaseView documents containing external documents. Previewing the document for the second time or more will load significantly faster.

  • Improved dialog load times when comparing a document using Version History.


  • Added XBRL footnote support to document tagging and export. You can now associate tags with a footnote based on document content.

  • Fixed an issue where using an embedded link in a CaseView document to open another CaseView document caused both documents to lock if the client file was set to lock down at a future date.

  • Fixed an issue where opening the Conditional Formatting dialog on some workstations would cause CaseView to stop responding.

  • Fixed an issue where exporting to Inline XBRL incorrectly added tags to various data elements.

Data Store Administration Tool


  • Data Store Administration Tool now supports:

    • Microsoft SQL 2017

    • TLS v1.1, v1.2 (when using SQL Server 2012-2017)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing more than 1500 users from an Active Directory group.


File management

  • You can now delete the local synchronized child copy of a file from the Tracker interface, similar to the Delete Copy option in Working Papers. A final synchronization occurs prior to deletion to ensure no data is lost. You can also select multiple files to delete local child copies in bulk.

  • You can now abandon a specific child copy or all child copies of a SmartSync Server file from the Tracker interface.

  • SmartSync Server files are now organized into groupings based on their host server. You can filter the list of files to a server by selecting the server name in the Views pane.


  • Improved the accuracy of the progress bar.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from converting SmartSync parent files in Tracker. SmartSync Server parent files were unaffected by the issue.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Location column to display incorrect information for grouped sync copies.

  • Fixed an issue where various actions falsely reported a success if Remember my password was unchecked in the SmartSync Server Login dialog.

  • Fixed an issue that caused slow performance when scanning for SmartSync Server files.

  • Fixed an issue where Tracker did not inform you if a connected SmartSync Server required updates.

  • Fixed an issue where the Compressed: No grouping displayed twice.

  • Fixed an issue where the option to enable or disable protection for multiple files incorrectly displayed as unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue where Tracker did not detect that a year-end close had been performed on a file.