Open a File

When you launch Working Papers, the Open menu displays by default. You can easily access files from different sources, such as a local workstation, a Citrix or terminal server, a SmartSync Server, or CaseWare Cloud.

If you are opening a file from a previous version of Working Papers, you must first convert the file.

To open a file in Working Papers:

  1. Launch CaseWare Working Papers.
  2. On the ribbon, click File | Open.
  3. Select where you want to open the file from:

    Option Description
    Recent Files

    Opens the Recent Files list. The most recently accessed files, pinned files, and local sync copies display. Double-click on a file to open it.


    • Click the pin icon to the right of the file name to always include the file in the Recent Files list.
    • Local sync copies will always display, regardless of the access date, until they are deleted.
    • To increase the number of recent files to display, or to clear the list, see General Options.

    Opens the Computer list. The most recently accessed folders on your local and network drives display. Double-click on a folder or click Browse to open the Open Existing File dialog. Navigate to the file, then select it and click Open.

    SmartSync Server

    Opens the SmartSync Server list. Search the firm's SmartSync Server or Cloud site for file information such as the file name, the client number, the client name, or the client city in the Search bar. Double-click on a file to open it. If it is the first time you open that file on the workstation, Working Papers will create a local sync copy.

    Note: Click Add Server to add a new server or Cloud site to the list, or click Manage Servers to organize them into groups. Groups display in the Open menu for quicker access.

The file opens in Working Papers.