Create a Sync Copy

To start using SmartSync, you must create a local sync copy of your Working Papers file. You can consider this local sync copy as your personal copy of the file. All modifications to the sync copy will synchronize with the parent file, and subsequently, any other users with their own local sync copies.


  • If you are creating the first sync copy, you must have exclusive access to the file. No other users can be in the file.

To create a local sync copy:

  1. In Working Papers, open the file where you want to create a local sync copy.
  2. On the ribbon, click SmartSync | Create Sync Copy.
  3. A confirmation prompt displays. Click OK.

The sync copy is created on your local workstation in the location specified as the default path. Click SmartSync | Go Online to begin synchronizing your sync copy with the parent file.


  • The name of the file folder containing your local sync copy is automatically appended with (Sync). For example, file ABC Limited creates the local sync copy in the folder ABC Limited (Sync).
  • You can open a sync copy similar to any standard Working Papers file. Sync copies are labeled with a synchronization icon on the File menu.
  • When closing a sync copy, you are typically required to close external documents (such as Word or Excel files) that are used in the file.