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About Context Menus

Create a user-defined menu for a cell, a table row or a paragraph in CaseView. They can be set up to be accessed in the Form Mode by right-clicking on the item (cell, table row or paragraph).

Cells also may have left-click menus attached to them. Cells with left-click context menus feature a drop-down list button to their right. Left-click that button to access the menu. If an "On Click" event is defined, a vertical bar will be shown too. In such case, pressing the left side of the bar in the button triggers the "On Click" event. Pressing the right side of the bar pop up the left-click menu will appear. When no "On Click" event is defined, pressing the button pops up the cell menu only.

Context menus have a version field that is used to track your updates to your context menus. This helps to prevent your menus from being overwritten when you update knowledge libraries. This version system was introduced in Working Papers 2011 and context menus created previous to this release will have a version of 0. When you update context menus you should change the version number to indicate that you have made changes.

Context Menu Versions are used when you are updating knowledge libraries. If you have made changes to a right-click context menu in a document that belongs to a knowledge library there is a risk of overwriting your changes when you update your knowledge library items. Using versions can help prevent this from happening. When you update a knowledge library document containing a versioned context menu, the update will not overwrite your menu if it has a version is the same as or greater than the menu version in the update document.

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