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About Cell Calculations

This topic contains information related to the values and commands that may be used to create complex cell calculations to draw information from the Working Papers/Time databases. Calculations may be used to link information to a cell rather than inputting the information manually. If an account balance is linked, and an adjustment is made to that account in Working Papers, the balance in CaseView will update automatically to reflect the change in value. This method of creating dynamic linkages between the two programs allows for the creation of complex template documents that can be adapted to fit any client file.

Linking to map numbers rather than accounts adds an additional layer of versatility, as from client file to client file, the chart of accounts may be vastly different. Provided that the mapping structure is standardized (Cash is always Map ID 100, regardless of account number, for example), the template will still be able to link the correct value.

Calculations may be used to customize the template, as well. For example, a series of checkboxes or pulldowns may be created in the Freeze of a document which allow an end user to select whether the prior year column should display or not, or which version of the Notice to Reader should be included. Then it is simply a matter of applying a skip condition to those elements with a calculation that relies on those checkboxes. Following the example above, a checkbox cell C1 is created in the freeze with the caption "Hide prior year column?" The prior year column would then be given a skip calculation of C1=1, which means if C1 is checked, the column would be skipped. If the checkbox is unchecked, it has a value of 0 and so the column's skip condition would be met and the column would not be displayed.

Cells may also be built as buttons, and their calculations used to activate pre-built events which can be tailored to suit the needs of the document. These events can move the user around the document, add or remove components such as columns in tables, open other documents for reference, etc. A full listing of the events available for use may be found here.

Calculations may be entered manually, they may be built using the Calculation Editor, or they may be built automatically by CaseView when using the Linkage Worksheet or creating an event.

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