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Moving or Copying Text and Cells in the Same Document

  1. Select the text and cells you want to move or copy.
  2. To move the selection, on the Home tab, click Cut.

    To copy the selection, on the Home tab, click Copy.

  3. Position the insertion point in the new location.

    If the new location is in another document or application, open or switch to the document or application. If the new location is in a CaseView document that is already open, choose the document from the Window menu.

  4. On the Home tab, click Paste.

To move or copy content using the keyboard rather than the commands on the Home tab, do one of the following:

Copy selected text to the Clipboard


Move selected text to the Clipboard

Ctrl+X or Shift+Delete

Paste Clipboard contents into a document

Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert

  • The cut, copy, and paste commands gray out if the actions cannot be performed.
  • Text and cells cannot be pasted into any area where the user does not have permissions to copy CaseView data.
  • If you are copying a single cell, both the text and the calculation of the cell are copied and pasted.
  • Cutting and pasting can be done within a document, between two documents in the same client file, or between documents in two different client files. If you are copying between two files from two different versions of CaseView, only a text representation of the data is copied.
  • Copying a cell calculation by selecting the cell or the text in the Equation bar and then pasting to the cell or equation bar re-references cell references by shifting them the same shift as the difference between the source and destination cells. This works for cell calculations being copied between non-table cells or between table cells with the same table label.

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