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Print Options dialog

The Print Options dialog enables you to control how the financial statements are printed.

The following options are available:

Option Description
Complete on printing
Refresh note headings for subsequent pages Refresh note headings when changes have been made.
Refresh table underlines Update all table underlines.
Include in printing
Print changed flags Print the red underline indicating that a cell value has been changed.
Watermark Include the specified text as a watermark on each page. For additional watermark options, see To create a watermark in the CaseView Help.
Current date and time in footer Include the date and time on the footer of each page. The Windows regional settings are used.
Client path in footer Include the path of the client file on the footer of each page.
Page number in Use the drop-down provided to specify the location of the page number.
Print grouping When printing a row of a table, print its associated mapping or grouping.
Bookmark Formatting For Reporting by Directors (IFRS), Significant Accounting Policies, and Notes to the Financial Statements, use the drop-down list to select the note level to display for bookmarks. This will also affect any PDF document generated.