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You can specify that an additional set of financial statements and supporting documents is to be added to the Document Manager. The two sets of documents act independently of each other while at the same time accessing the same information from Working Papers.

These multiple statements are a part of the same client file. You may create these copies without being required to create new client files to copy the same information. This simplifies the workflow for each client file while increasing efficiency.

The benefits of this feature include:

  • Maintaining a unique set of statements for different reporting periods, e.g. quarterly and annual statements.
  • The ability to present separate financial statements for each entity in a consolidated client file within the same file.
  • The ability to prepare financial statements with differing jurisdictional reporting requirements, such as audit, review or compilation.
  • The ability to use the Working Papers multi-language feature to prepare financial statements with different language requirements.

The new set of financial statement documents is based on the existing specified options, thus reducing unnecessary re-work. These new statements can be customized, if necessary, to suit the new or additional reporting requirements. Customization in the new statements is independent of the original statements on which they are based.