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Export of Data to GIFI Dialog

Access: On the Engagement ribbon, click Export | GIFI...

Use this dialog to export Working Papers data as a GIFI text file that you can import into a tax application. This text file should not be used for paper filing. The GIFI numbers and corresponding current year balances will be exported in a comma-delimited file *.GFI.

Number Description
Export Path: Enter or click Browse to select a location for the export file.
Export File name: Enter the name of the export file.
File extension: Displays the GIFI file extension (.GFI).
Include in Export: Select which documents to include in the export. To export CaseView notes, you must select the CaseView documents containing those notes by selecting the applicable check boxes in the Select CaseView documents containing financial statements notes dialog. For more information, see Exporting Financial Statement Notes.
  • Flip GIFI code balances when applicable: Select to flip the GIFI code depending on the account balance. For example, GIFI code 2680 - Taxes payable will flip to GIFI code 1483- Taxes recoverable, if it has a debit balance. For more information, see Flipping GIFI Codes.
  • Export opening balance sheet (use this option only for initial year of file): Select to export the opening balance column from the Working Trial Balance. This option is only applicable for client tax returns being prepared for the first time.
  • Export multiple income statements: Select to export income statement balances from all sub entities. The income statements will export according to the consolidation hierarchy set in Engagement | Consolidation and pro-rate the balances based on the fractional contribution to the Parent Entity set in Engagement | Consolidation | Properties. Select Include top level entity to include parent balances in exported balances.
  • Export Foreign Exchange: Select to convert a foreign tax balance to the default currency before exporting. A foreign exchange rate applies to opening balances, transaction amounts, and tax adjustments posted to accounts.
  • Note: Tax adjustments posted directly to tax codes are not affected.

  • Entity Specific Export: Select to export information about a single entity only. Only available in consolidated client files. If selected, the Entity Selection dialog displays once OK is clicked.
  • Include Sub Entities: Select to export associated sub entities along with the entity. When selected, a consolidated total of the parent company and its subsidiaries is exported.
  • Note: The parent company name and address will be included for all tax exports. If exporting entity specific data from a consolidated file, company name and address for sub entities must be modified in the tax software once data has been imported.