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Exports (Canada)

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  • About GIFI Working Papers

    The General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) is a comprehensive list of financial statement items where each item has a unique code. It allows your corporation to efficiently prepare its T2 tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency.

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  • Use this dialog to export Working Papers data to various Canadian Tax Packages. This topic details the different options and fields in the Export to Tax Software dialog.

  • Export of Data to GIFI Dialog

    Use this dialog to export Working Papers data as GIFI text file that you can import into a tax application.

  • Flipping GIFI Codes

    When exporting data to GIFI, there is an option to flip the GIFI code depending on the account balance. For example, GIFI code 2680 - Taxes payable will flip to GIFI code 1483- Taxes recoverable, if it has a debit balance.