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View Tab

The View tab is used to update the view, docked windows, and columns.

Note: Visible commands vary based on the currently selected document.

Available Commands

Command Description

Opens the Show sub-menu to select which toolbars and docked frames are displayed.


Folds or unfolds the browse window. When the document is folded, columns to the left of the fold line will continue to be displayed if you scroll right.

Set Fold Line

Sets the fold line to the right of the current column. The fold line is displayed as a line of dashes.

Reorder Columns

Opens the Reorder Table Columns dialog, allowing the customization of the automatic document or table.

Rename Columns

Opens the Rename Columns dialog, allowing you to set different display names for columns of the automatic document or table.

Restore Columns

Restores columns to their default state.


Opens the Freeze sub-menu with the following options:

  • None - does not freeze a header.
  • Column Header - freezes the column header row in automatic documents.
  • Full Header - freezes the full document header in automatic documents.
Toggle Document Auto-Compare

Enables or disables the Auto-Compare feature.

All Notes

Opens the Note Viewer dialog, displaying all notes for the current document.

Note: To enable the All Notes button, open a document that allows notes and ensure the Note Viewer dialog is closed or is minimized.

Filter By

Opens the Filter sub-menu that displays the available default filters and allows you to update or add new filters.

Zoom Level

Enlarge or reduce the size of a document as it appears on the screen.

The Zoom Level command can be used while viewing or previewing a document on screen.

Year-to-date Balances

Toggles between period and year-to-date balances.

Docking View

Docks the current document.


Closes the document you are currently viewing.

Close All

Closes all open documents.

Save Layout

Saves the current window and document layout.


Resizes and layer open windows so that the title bar is visible.

Tile Horizontally

Resizes and arrange all open windows from top to bottom in the Working Papers window.

Tile Vertically

Resizes and arrange all open windows side by side in the Working Papers window.

Navigation commands

Navigates through files viewed in the internal viewer (PDF or image files):

  • Enter a page number and press Enter to view a specific page
  • Click an arrow icon to view the next page () or the prior page ()