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SmartSync Tab

The SmartSync tab is used to manage the sync status of client files, resolve sync conflicts, set up review on the go, delete sync information, and repair sync files.

When integrated with CaseWare Cloud, the SmartSync tab changes to the Cloud tab. See Cloud Tab for more information.

Note: Visible commands vary based on the currently selected document.


Click on an area in the screen shot below to view its description

Creates a local sync copy of a client file. For more information, see Creating a Synchronized Copy.

Publishes an unpublished Working Papers file to a SmartSync server.

Temporarily disconnects the local copy from the parent copy.

Replaces the server copy of the client file with the local copy. For more information, see Replacing the Server Copy.

Opens the Synchronization Properties dialog.

Opens the Synchronization Versions dialog.

Opens the Synchronization Conflicts dialog.

Deletes the local sync copy. For more information, see Managing Sync Copies.

Removes all sync info from the top-level parent file. Can only be used by opening the top-level parent file.

Opens the SmartSync Repair dialog to repair sync errors, including missing or corrupted sync events.