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Adding a Template Toolbar

A personalized Template toolbar with an image or text buttons linked to scripts and/or URLs can be added to templates.

  1. On the Tools tab, in the Templates group, click Templates. The template toolbar opens.
  2. Complete the fields.

    Click on an area in the screen shot below to view its description

You have added a template toolbar command. On the View ribbon, click Toolbars | Template Toolbar to test its functionality and display properties.

  • When a toolbar command is selected by an end user, Working Papers will process any attached Script(s), Script File(s), and URL(s) (in that order).
  • To display the template toolbar, type the command cw:templatetoolbar?visible=show into the browser address field. (The command cw:templatetoolbar also displays the template toolbar.) To hide the template toolbar, type cw:templatetoolbar?visible=hide.

    The command cw:templatetoolbar?visible=toggle hides the toolbar if it is visible, and displays the toolbar if it is hidden.

  • If the Template Toolbar cannot be fully displayed, a chevron dropdown will appear listing the remaining commands. The Description will be used as the label for that applicable command in the dropdown.

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