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About Skip and Hide Conditions

Using Skip conditions it is possible to customize the document to display only the information that should be displayed and to print only the parts of the document that should be printed.

If a section, paragraph, table row or column has a skip condition applied to it the skipped items are still visible when designing or editing the document, but the items are not included when printing or when print previewing the document.

Hide refers to hiding a line, paragraph, table row, graphic, watermark or section on screen when working on the document in the Form Mode (with or without editing enabled). In some areas, such as paragraph properties, the hide condition can be tied into the skip condition so that the hide only activates when the paragraph is skipped as well. This options allows the user greater control over the parts of the document that show and the parts that print.

Use skip and hide conditions to customize the document. Skip and hide conditions are available in many different areas including: paragraphs, sections, table rows and columns. They can also be used to control cell events and some cell and section formatting, as well as in styles.

The Hide Action can be set to adopt the behavior of an existing skip condition at the paragraph level or for a table row/column. Set the Hide Action to Always and select the option to Hide only if paragraph is skipped to allow the Hide condition to adopt the behavior of an existing skip.

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