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About Numeric Input Cells

Prior to version 2008, numeric cells with input values were rounded only when their value was entered. That meant that upon entering a value in an input cell, rounding was applied based on the settings of the cell at that point. The input value was not re-rounded or re-converted based on any setting changes of the cell.   

With the release of Working Papers 2008, the behavior of numeric cells with input values has changed. Input cells with more decimal point information (precision) than they are set to display will now truncate if the following conditions are met: 

  1. Under Document | Settings | Compatibility, select Use precision of cell value in calculations;
  2. The cell is overridden;
  3. The number of decimal points matches the decimal precision.

Upon conversion and during creation of new files, the default behavior is to use precision. Thus the Document Settings | Compatibility | Use precision of cell value in calculations checkbox is selected.

The old handling of numeric cells with input values can be restored by launching Document Settings, selecting Compatibility and deselecting the box Use precision of cell value in calculations, thereby turning the behavior off. 

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