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Creating Custom Diagnostics

For a more thorough approach, you can customize diagnostics to check specific information in the document. Custom diagnostics can display in the Diagnostics List or in the form of program error messages. In addition, you can define circumstances when CaseView automatically checks for diagnostic errors.

Diagnostics alert you to areas in the document that are not functioning properly. When specifying the diagnostic condition, the syntax should be equivalent to the true condition or the way the document functions when working correctly. In this way, a diagnostic error only occurs when the condition is false or when the document is not working correctly.

For example, to confirm that the Balance Sheet balances, enter c13999=c19999 where c13999 represents the cell for Total Assets and c19999 represents the cell for Total Liabilities. In all cases where c13999 equals c19999, no diagnostic error appears. If the diagnostic condition is false (in the case where c13999 does not equal c19999) a diagnostic message will appear (indicating that the Balance Sheet does not balance).

  1. On the Tools tab, click Diagnostics and select Configure.

  2. Click Add to create a new diagnostic.
  3. Enter a brief description of the diagnostic in the Description box.
  4. In the Diagnostic box, enter the syntax for the diagnostic to check or click images\calctool_shg.gif to access the Calculation Editor and create a calculation for the diagnostic. The syntax should be the true condition representing the way the document normally functions. Only when the syntax is false will a diagnostic error be reported. Example.

  5. Under Display Diagnostic, select the occasions to which you want to assign diagnostic checking.
  6. Select Display the following message and enter a brief message to be displayed each time the diagnostic error occurs. Click images\calctool_shg.gif to access the Calculation Editor and create a calculation for the warning message.

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