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Using the Document Integrity Check

  1. On the Document tab, click Settings.

  2. Click Integrity Check.

  3. Select whether to extend the integrity check to other files in the client file or to documents outside the client file. If selecting to check additional library files, click Browse to locate the folder containing the files. Click OK.

    CaseView displays a list of errors found by the Document Integrity check. For a client file level check, errors are grouped by document. With the Grouped by error type check box selected, those errors that appear more than 3 times are grouped and shown first.

  4. To see more information on the errors listed, highlight an error in the list and click Details.
  5. If desired, click Save to save the errors in their own CaseView document for future reference. Browse to a location for the CaseView file and click Save.
  6. For each error warning, locate the problem in your document and make any modifications to correct the error.

    The Document Integrity flags errors in roll forward references and recalculations that are cyclic. When it reports a cyclic error, it displays only the first problem. Fixing the first issue and re-running the integrity check will highlight any subsequent problems. Keep re-running the integrity until all of the issues in the cyclic error are cleared.

  7. Once all errors have been corrected, re-run the Integrity check to ensure there are no more problems.

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