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About Using Account Mapping to Create Dynamic Statement Templates

When linking the chart of accounts to CaseView, account mapping presets the financial statements by map number. Account mapping is a master chart of accounts common to all client files and built on the Working Papers side under Account | Mapping. Because the map number is independent of the client chart of accounts, this enables the financial statements to be prepared in advance and ensures that a minimum amount of modification to the final financial statements is required.

For example, to link Client A's Cash account balance to a cell in CaseView, the formula ACT(BR,1001) may be used. Client B, however, uses account number 12001 for Cash and so the cell's calculation would have to be modified. Instead, if both clients shared the same Account Mapping structure, Cash - 101 for example, the cell could be calculated as MAP(BR,101) and the document would correctly link for either client file. Universalizing the chart of accounts is one of the primary hurdles of template document development.

More information about Account Mapping may be found in the Working Papers help.

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