Goto Bookmark command

Opens the Goto Bookmark dialog, which allows you to jump to a bookmark in the document. Bookmarks are tagged lines, or paragraphs in the document. Bookmarks can also be sections labeled for comparison and revision. Enter a description of the bookmark to make it easily identifiable.

The Goto Bookmark dialog displays a list of all available unhidden tags in the document. If the tag is hidden it will not be included in the list. In Design Mode, the dialog also displays the type of bookmark.

To access the Goto Bookmark dialog , do one of the following:

  • On the Home tab, click GoTo
  • On the View tab, click GoTo

Scroll to and highlight the bookmark you want to jump to.

Select this box if you want to see the above drop-down lists shown in the order that the bookmarks occur in the document. If unselected, the lists are shown in alphabetical order. The default is to be unchecked the first time the user enters the dialog, and to remember the last selection each time after that.

In Design Mode and Form Mode with Editing Enabled, the selection can be limited to paragraphs only, sections only or a combination of both.


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