Print Command

The Print Dialog controls how a document is printed. Clicking OK will launch the standard Windows print dialog. Configure any remaining settings for the particular brand and model of print device. An option should also exist to print to file rather than a paper copy.

  • Password protected PDFs inserted as external documents in CaseView cannot be printed or print previewed.
  • To save a CaseView document as a PDF and add it to your Document Manager, select the Add to client file and Document Manager option in the Working Papers Save as PDFSave as PDF dialog.

Select the type of information you want to print.


Prints the document.

Document with cell #s

Prints the document with cell content replaced with cell numbers.


Prints calculations and the cells to which they are assigned.

User-defined data

Prints user-defined information.

Type or select the page number to be displayed on the first page printed. This option allows you to start the page numbering at a number other than 1, which is useful when printing sub documents or when printing a document that is part of a larger document set. Changing this number also changes the page that shows on the File | Print | Page Setup dialog in Design Mode. This option is saved with the file when the file is saved.

Select and clear check boxes to specify what to include in the print job.

Tip: To save this selection permanently, save the CaseView document.

Print colored text black

Prints any text that appears in color on your screen in black. This can be used for online forms that have colored content (for information purposes) that you want to print in black.

Print skipped text

Ignores any skip conditions when printing the document. The check box is disabled when the file is locked from the Design Mode and printed from the Form Mode or Form Mode with editing enabled.

Print override dots

Prints all overridden cells indicated with a dot.

Print changed flags

Prints all flags indicating where things have changed in the document.

Print rounding indicators

Prints all rounding cells indicated with one, two or three vertical bars (depending on which cell of the rounding relationship the cell represents – cells 1, 2 or 3)

Print note annotations

Prints all note annotations.

Print tickmark annotations

Prints all tickmark annotations.

Print reference annotations

Prints all reference annotations.

Print simple button, check box and radio cells

Prints all button cells, check boxes, and radio buttons.

Print bracket highlights

Prints all script circles that are visible in the document if the document is in PDF format.

Note: Script circles will not be saved when documents are saved as a web page.

Download True Type fonts to the printer

Uses True Type fonts for the print job instead of the printer's pre-installed fonts.

Scale pages proportionally to fit table width

Scales page contents to ensure tables, which would normally extend beyond the margins of the printed page, fit inside the available space. This is calculated on a page-by-page basis and scales the entire page to accommodate the wide table. Tables within headers or footers are not scaled.

  • The scaling will not appear on print preview, but it will appear in the printed document.
  • If the resulting scale is less that 20% of the original page size, the content will be too small to see and the option to scale the page will be ignored.
  • Some printers may offer scaling functionality though it is suppressed by the version of driver installed. Ensure the most recent manufacturer's drivers are installed before using this option.

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