External Document Dialog

You can insert PDF, Word, and Excel documents in a CaseView document to be printed as part of the document as a whole.

CaseView will start a new page where it finds the document and the page numbers are incremented accordingly within the document.

Tip: Perform a print preview to display the total amount of page numbers of the external document.

New! You can open external documents within CaseView by double-clicking the external document. The External Document dialog can be accessed by right-clicking and selecting Edit.

Note: You can only access the External Document dialog if the Modifiable in Form Mode option is selected.

Click this option if the document is on the Document manager. From the drop-down menu, select the file on the Document Manager.

Click this option if the file is located externally. Enter the file path enclosed in quotation marks or click Browse to search for the file.

Select this option to allow the user to modify the external document in Form Mode. For example, a template designer can place a blank PDF document in the CaseView document and then the user can specify the actual PDF later. A user is able to create or modify external documents if the Modify Paragraph Contents permission has been activated.

Click this option to print all visible Excel sheets in the workbook. This option is only available if you are inserting an Excel workbook.

Click this option to choose which sheets are to be printed. Click sheets to choose the ones you want to print. Highlighted sheets will be printed. Charts, macros, and dialog sheets will also be printed. This option is only available if you are inserting an Excel workbook.

  • The CaseView headers and footers are used and the external document page sizes are reduced to fit in the smaller space.
  • If password-protected PDFs are inserted as external documents they cannot be printed or print previewed.
  • If Microsoft® Office 2003 users attempt to input Office 2007 files into CaseView documents an error message will appear.
  • Print previewing large Excel documents may take some time, as CaseView has no control over how long Excel takes to convert these documents. In addition, Excel may cause a “Server Busy” message and “Publishing” progress bar to appear.

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