Insert Row command

Use this command to create and configure a new table row.

When inserting rows containing cells, CaseView numbers the cells automatically based on the table identifier. Therefore, table cells have numbers like SLH.A1 where A1 is column A, row 1 and SLH is the table identifier.

Any existing cells in rows below the new row will be renumbered so that their row attribute increases by 1. For example, if a new row is inserted before row 2, AB.A2 will become AB.A3, AB.A3 will become AB.A4, etc.

If this box is left clear, then the new column will be inserted above of the one where the cursor is positioned. To insert the column below the cursor position, select this box.

If selected the new row will be configured with the same text and cells as the row containing the cursor. If the box is left clear, a blank row will be inserted.

Note: When copying contents that include input cells or input paragraphs, there is a discrepancy in the resulting behavior. Input cells have a default value which is overridden by the user in Form Mode. When copied, this default value is carried across to the new cell. Input paragraphs are a blank field available for entry in Form Mode, and do not contain a default value. As such, the overridden contents are copied.

You can insert more than one row at a time. Select the number of rows to insert.

  • CaseView relies on a sequential numbering system throughout the table to handle cell, calculation, and skip/hide condition renumbering in the event a row is added. If a clear, sequential pattern (following the layout described earlier) is not found, no renumbering will take place. Cells can be manually renumbered to fit back into the accepted pattern, which often corrects this problem. Typically, this issue is the result of a copy/paste process on part of the table, but could also be caused by an incorrect insertion or removal of a row. It is recommended that table contents be modified using the official commands and menu options available. Piecing a table together using portions of existing tables is strongly discouraged.

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