Sort command

Sorts table cells according to defined sorting parameters.

To access the Sort Criteria dialog, on the Home tab, click Table | Sort.

Select the order in which you want the contents in the table arranged.


Present the lowest number first, or the first letter in the alphabet.


Present the highest number first, or the last letter in the alphabet.


Determines a unique sorting order. If you select manual, CaseView lists the first paragraph in each section for you to order.

Specify the column the sort will arrange based on the content within the cells.

Primary Key

Select the column by which you want to do the main sort of the table. The table sorts based on the cells in this column.

Secondary Key

Select the column by which to sort in the event of a tie in the first column.

Tertiary Key

Select the column by which to sort the table rows.

  • Since table sorts arrange based on the contents of the cells in the table, there must actually be content in cells in the table for the sort to work.
  • Table rows will not sort properly if the rows contain different cell types, such as a combination of alphanumeric and numeric. To get a proper sort, the selection should contain only cells of the same type.
  • Table sorts cannot be done on tables that span more than one section since sorting the table could require rows not in the section be sorted above rows that are in the section. When this happens, CaseView displays an error and the sort will not be completed.

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