Images Command

Use the Image Manager to register images that you have created or stored externally for use as customized images and buttons in CaseView.

Supported image types are bitmap (.BMP), Jpegs (.JPG, .JFF, .JTF), Portable Network Graphics (.PNG), Tiffs (.TIF), Lead Files (.CMP), and MS Paint files (.MSP).

The list displays information about the images that are accessible from the Image Manager. The columns can be reordered by dragging and dropping them. They can also be sorted by clicking the column header.

Locate and select an image that will become part of this CaseView document.

Remove an image from the CaseView document. First, check that no other cells are using the image.

Deleting an image from the Image Manager does not delete it from your computer. You can add the image back at a later date.

Note: You cannot delete or rename any images from your computer when the CaseView document with the images is still open.

There are three editable properties for each image item, the label, the transparency color, and the transparency to use.


Enter a unique identifier for the image. The label is case sensitive.

Note: If the image belongs to a repository, the label cannot be edited.


If the Use Transparency Color option is selected, select a transparency color closest to the document's existing background.

Use Transparency Color

Use the selected color in the drop-down list to appear transparent in the document.

Use Existing Alpha Channels

Allow images with transparent backgrounds to retain their background color.

Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) or 32 bit bitmaps (.BMP) can be configured to be transparent on any background. Use an external graphics package to set the transparency property and then add or replace the .PNG image in the Image Manager.


Displays the type of the selected image.

Size (KB)

Displays the size of the selected image. When adding an image to the Image Manager, its size is automatically recorded for reference purposes. If the image needs to be resized, it must be done in an external graphics package and then re-added to the Image Manager.


Displays a preview of the image. Refer to this field to adjust the background color.

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