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Creating an Input Paragraph

Expanding paragraphs permit the User to input an unlimited amount of automatically wrapped text without accessing the Design Mode. Cells can also be added as part of this type of paragraph. This feature is very useful when designing forms as it is not necessarily known at the design stage how much text will be input.

  1. On the Home tab, click Paragraph, and then click the Paragraph tab.

  2. Select the Permit editing in Form Mode option. This permits input while in the Form Mode.
  3. In the Paragraph height box, select the option you want.

Permit an unlimited amount of text to be input in the Form Mode and to adjust paragraph height automatically as text is entered



Permit an unlimited amount of text to be input in the Form Mode and to specify a minimum paragraph height that increases as new lines are added


At least

Specify a maximum paragraph height that cannot be expanded beyond the specification in the Paragraph height box


At most

Specify a fixed height for the paragraph



  1. If applicable, enter the height of the paragraph.
  2. Click OK.

  • Input paragraphs are indicated by a red line in the Style window in Form mode. Users can access the Style window by, on the View tab, selecting the Style Window option and use this feature to locate input paragraphs quickly.
  • Contents of input paragraphs can be automatically cleared during a Year End Close. In the Paragraph Properties dialog, select the Clear on Roll Forward option. During a Year End Close process ensure the Update CaseView Roll Forward Cells option is selected.
  • Paragraphs which have been modified will receive a red underline as a change indicator. This is triggered when paragraph text is added, removed, or modified, but is not triggered if changes are made to a cell within the paragraph.

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