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Creating a Sort Group in a Table

  1. With cursor in the table, right-click and select Table Properties.

  2. Click the Sort Groups tab.

  3. Click Add to create the sort group.

  4. In the Label box, type a unique identifier for the sort group.

  5. In the Start Row and End Row boxes, enter the beginning and ending rows to be included in the sort group.
  6. In the Primary Sort Column box, select the column the group should sort by. Secondary and tertiary columns are optional.

  7. Click OK.

  • The row numbers are input by the user when the sort group is created, but inserting or deleting rows in the middle of a sort group automatically updates the start and ending row numbers. Deleting the final row in the Sort Group also deletes the Sort Group.

  • Once created, users can set up a Sort Table Group Event that specifies sorting just this sort group.

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