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Checking Spelling

  1. On the Tools tab, click Spelling. The spell checker checks spelling in all editable fields in browses and in commentary text areas.
  2. For each word that is displayed in the Word Not Found box, select the options you want.



    Accept the spelling in the Change To box, replace the misspelled word with another selection in the Suggestions box, or replace the misspelled word with the spelling you type in the Change To box.

    Replace All

    Change all occurrences of the misspelled word without confirmation.


    Add the word to the custom dictionary.


    Leave the word unchanged.

    Ignore All

    Leave all words with the same spelling unchanged.

  3. To cancel a spell check in progress, click Stop Spell Check.
  • In Form Mode, CaseView can search for spelling errors throughout the document and can correct spelling errors in input cells and paragraphs only.
  • In Design Mode, CaseView reports spelling errors in cell calculations as well, but cannot be used to replace these calculations.

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