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Modifying User Defined Data in Form Mode

All CaseView documents created for the client share the same user defined information. This information can be linked to cells in the CaseView document by way of a UD calculation.

For example, if UD7 is entered as the cell calculation for an alphanumeric cell in a CaseView document, the cell displays, "AS AT DECEMBER 31, 2007".

Users in the Form Mode can change the contents of cells using UD calculations by modifying the user defined information. The actual cell calculation is not modifiable in the Form Mode.

First enable access to User Defined Data from the Design mode

  1. On the Tools tab, click User Defined Data.

  2. Select Allow modification of UD data in form mode.
  1. On the Tools tab, click User Defined Data.

  2. Make any modifications and click OK.

Any cell calculations involving user-defined information will be updated accordingly.

  • Modifying user defined information affects all documents created for the client.
  • Modification of user-defined information is only useful if you want to alter contents of pre-existing cells employing UD calculations.

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