XBRL Review

CaseView provides the ability to review the tags that you have applied to your documents and to refine the metadata that is included in each applied tag. The XBRL Review option is activated by clicking Tools|XBRL Review in CaseView and deactivated in exactly the same way.

When you turn on XBRL review, all of the tags that you have applied in your document are highlighted in various colors. The colors do not correspond to the tags you have applied. Rather, contrasting colors are applied to any tags that have different context within the various areas of your document. For non-numeric types the color is applied based on the context of the tag only. For numeric types, the color is applied based on both the context and the numerical context of the tag that is applied.

XBRL Review enables you to identify areas of the document that have been tagged with a different context in order to verify that the tags were applied correctly. With this type of "at a glance" indication, you can quickly see areas that require further investigation without having to examine the details of each tag that you have applied.

During an XBRL review, you may want to see more information about each applied tag. This is especially important for tags that have been marked with a different color by the XBRL Review tool. These tags may require modification or replacement in order to correct your XBRL tagging in your document. Tooltips with extended functionality have been provided as part of XBRL review to aid in this process.

To see the details of the tag applied, hover the cursor over (not within) the item with the tag. A ToolTip opens showing the following:

  • Tag and Context
  • Period
  • Unit

In addition, the tag may be changed immediately by clicking any of the Edit links on the ToolTip.

  • To move the ToolTip, click within the ToolTip and drag it to a new location.
  • To close the ToolTip, click the Close button on the ToolTip.