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Sorting financial statement elements

Financials supports sorting in the financial statements. When sorting is executed on the statements or schedules, the entry in the Table of Contents updates to reflect the new sort order.

In Financials IFRS:

In Financials GAAP:

In Financials GAAP

  1. Open the Financial statements document and select the Home tab.
  2. Click the button specified in the table below to sort the financial statement elements specified in the description.

    Button Description

    Manual sort of all financial statement areas.

    Schedules Manual sort of the schedules. More than one schedule must be present in the financial statements.
    Notes Use the drop-down provided to sort either the Notes to the Financial Statements or the Significant Accounting Policies. The drop-down is visible only if Notes to the Financial Statements and Significant Accounting Policies are separate components of the financial statements.

    Sort the statement headings for the specified areas.

    Graphs Sort the graphs.
    Cash flows Sort the investing and financing sections within the Statement of cash flows.
    Reporting by Directors Sort the notes within Reporting by Directors (if this area is included in your Financials product).

The financial statement areas are sorted.