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Saving a Compressed File

To compress a client file, on the File tab, click Save Compressed. Compressing a file is recommended to save disk space and to ease copying or moving the client file.

Compressed client files have all the files in the folder merged in to one file with a file name of filename.ac_, where filename is the name of the client file.

Working Papers can be set to compress a client file on closing, with or without confirmation. Selecting the auto-compress setting Prompt displays a confirmation dialog.

  1. On the Tools tab, in the Options group, click Options.
  2. Change Auto Compress to:

    • No - files are not automatically compressed when closing. Files can be saved as compressed manually by clicking File ׀ Save as Compressed.
    • Yes - files are automatically compressed when closing.
    • Prompt - requests user confirmation to save as compressed when closing.
    • Yes (with subfolders) - files and subfolders are automatically compressed when closing.
  • Include .BAK Files - includes CaseView backup files (BAK) in the compressed file.
  • Include Sub Folders - includes sub-folders within the client file folder in the compressed file.
  • Client files with password protection enabled require a login before the client file is uncompressed and opened.
  • Only one person can have the client file open in order to begin the compression.

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