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About the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is designed as a temporary storage area for documents that have been deleted from the engagement file. The Recycle Bin is part of the Working Papers client file and only includes deleted documents from within a single client file.

The Recycle Bin is not available in Working Papers with SmartSync. Instead, deleted documents are placed in the Windows Recycle Bin. To restore deleted documents, drag them from the Windows Recycle Bin to the Document Manager.

The Recycle Bin is shown as a split view of the Document Manager that can be toggled from the View menu.

The following columns are available:

  • Number
  • Name
  • Deleted By
  • Deleted On
  • Size
  • Check Out By
  • Prepared by
  • Reviewed by

Empty the Recycle Bin on the Document tab by clicking Empty Recycle Bin or by performing a clean up. This can only be done from a standard client file (i.e. not signed out or check out), the check out master file, and the signed out master file. Once emptied, the contents of the Recycle Bin cannot be restored.

While in the Recycle Bin, the following options are available via the shortcut menu:

  • View the properties of the document, including the history (in a read-only dialog).
  • Permanently delete the document.
  • Restore the document to the document manager.
  • Cut/paste.
  • Empty Recycle Bin.
  • View sign off roles (Prepared By, Reviewed By, etc.).

A document in the Recycle Bin cannot be modified, annotated, or viewed. As such:

  • It cannot be signed off (existing sign offs are shown).
  • It cannot be modified.
  • It cannot be annotated (existing annotations are shown).
  • It cannot be tagged.
  • It cannot be printed or saved as a web page, PDF, or Excel document.
  • A milestone cannot be generated.

Documents deleted to or restored from the Recycle Bin can be tracked via the Recycle Bin history. Information that is tracked includes the user name and deletion/restoration date and time. To enable tracking, on the Engagement tab, click History | Settings and select Recycle Bin.

To permanently delete a document in the Document Manager or the Recycle bin, press Shift+Delete on your keyboard. This bypasses the Recycle Bin and permanently delete the document.

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