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-- How Do I? --

Send to mail recipient (as PDF attachment)

Automatic and CaseView documents on the Document Manager can be converted to PDF and automatically sent by email as an attachment.

  1. Select the desired document(s).
  2. On the Documents tab, click Send To | Mail Recipient (as PDF Attachment).
  3. (Optional) Select Skip annotations and commentary.
  4. (Optional) Save all the documents to a single merged file by selecting Merge documents into a single .pdf attachment.
  5. (Optional) Add PDF Security Options to the document(s).
  6. Click OK.
  7. Enter the destination email address and a message.
  8. Click the Send button in your email application.

The documents have been converted to PDF and attached to an outbound email.

  • The Send to mail recipient feature only works with MAPI, the standardized mail interface for Windows. Lotus Notes is not supported.
  • Any document reference links are converted to hyperlinks in the HTML file.