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Saving a Document as a Web (HTML) Page

Working Papers allows users to create an HTML file of a single document or the current client file.

  1. Select the document to be saved in an HTML format.
  2. On the Home tab, click Save As | Save as Web Pages.
  3. Select a path for the file and give the file a name.
  4. Click OK.

Working Papers saves the file as an HTML document.

  • Documents that contain any graphic images (.bmp files) will have the images save separately from the text portion of the document (usually as .jpg files). To view the HTML version of the file properly, keep the .htm file and the graphic files in the same folder.
  • Restricted characters in the document title (?, \, /, or :) are replaced with !. Documents with a title containing * cannot be converted to HTML.
  • To create an HTML version of the entire client file, on the Engagement tab, use the Save as Web Pages command.
  • Each automatic or CaseView document associated with the file is created as a linked HTML page that can be accessed by clicking the icon on the HTML page.
  • When saving a sub-folder that does not exist, Working Papers will create a sub-folder with the same name during the saving process.