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CaseWare Protocols and Jump Codes

CaseWare protocols and jump codes can be used to quickly launch dialogs, windows, and wizards.

CaseWare protocols are entered in the browser address field.

Area Address
Document Manager cw:manager
CaseWare Cloud cw:cloud

Jump codes are entered in the browser address field or on the Go To dialog. To access the Go To dialog, press Ctrl+G on your keyboard.

Note: On the Go To dialog, type only the text that displays after cw: or an error will occur.

Area Address
Trial Balance (TB) - Accounts tab cw:WT
TB - Report tab cw:WT1
TB - Cash Flow tab cw:WT2
TB - Groupings tab cw:WT3
TB - Settings for Reports dialog cw:WSR
ADJ Entries - Account tab cw:JA
Other Entries - General journal cw:JEGJ
Other Entries - Cash receipts journal cw:JECR
Other Entries - Cash disbursements journal cw:JECD
Other Entries - Accounts payable journal cw:JEAP
Other Entries - Payroll journal cw:JEPJ
Other Entries - Purchase ledger journal cw:JEPL
Other Entries - Standard entries journal cw:JESE
Other Entries - Sales journal cw:JESJ
Batch Print dialog cw:BPR
Assign Users to Documents dialog (Protection must be enabled) cw:AS
Engagement Cleanup Wizard cw:CLN
Import Auditfile XML formatted file dialog cw:AFI

For a complete list of jump codes, see the Go To dialog.

  • Document numbers take precedent over actual jump codes.

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