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Adjusting Entry Detail

Use this screen to input and edit the various types of adjusting journal entries required to complete a file. The Adjusting Journal Entries worksheet can also be accessed by pressing CTRL+J.

Details of adjusting journal entries can be displayed in trial balance, leadsheet/grouping, and tax reconciliation automatic documents that have account detail. This allows you to see a report that groups accounts by map number or any other group while seeing the detail of the adjusting journal entries that are being posted against a particular account.

Any transaction entered in the Adjusting Journal Entry worksheet appears in the adjustment column in the trial balance documents. Although any type of transaction (e.g., cash disbursements) could technically be recorded here, the preferred method would be to use the Other Entries worksheet for these bookkeeping types of transactions (see Other Journal Entries command for more information).

Important: In a locked down file, only federal tax adjustments can be posted or modified.

To display the details, select the Adjusting Entry Detail check box in the Automatic Document Properties dialog for the following documents.

Document Type Format
Leadsheet Account balances with totals
Account balances with group subtotals
Group hierarchy with subtotals
Trial balance Account balances
Account final balance
Account balances with group subtotals
Group hierarchy with subtotals
Tax Reconciliation Detail Tax Line & Sub-Line
Detail & Sub-Line w Main Tax Totals

Detail is listed only for adjustments applicable to a report. For example, details for eliminating entries appear only if the balance type is Consolidated. Details for federal tax entries appear only if the balance type is Tax Federal. Other basis entries appear only if the Include Other Basis Adjustments check box is selected. In addition, adjustment detail is listed only if there is a column in the report that shows the detail. For example, if the Show Amount Change or Foreign Exchange check boxes are selected, there is no column that contains adjustments for most reports, so no detail is shown in those reports.

In the document, you can drill down from an adjusting journal entry detail line to open the applicable journal. You can annotate the detail line with both global and document annotations.

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