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Creating a Synchronized Copy

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Create a local sync copy of a client file that is located on a network (including an external network). Requires Working Papers SmartSync.

When creating the first synchronized child copy of a new sync hierarchy, you must have exclusive access to the parent file.

  1. On the File tab, click Open.
  2. Click SmartSync Server.
  3. Locate the file to open.

    Tip: Search for client file information such as the file name, the client number, the client name, or the client city.

  4. Double-click on the file to open.

    Note: Selecting a file that already exists on the local drive displays a warning. Open the existing copy by clicking Yes or create another copy by clicking No.

A sync copy of the client file is created on the local machine in the SmartSync path specified in the Options | Default Paths dialog. The name of the client file folder is appended with (Sync).

Example: File ABC Limited downloads to a folder named ABC Limited (Sync).

  • A sync copy made from a sync copy becomes a grandchild, with the copied file becoming the parent. This is recommended when off-site in peer-to-peer configurations.
  • The file name of content, such as documents, emails, or document links, added to a SmartSync client is limited to one hundred (100) characters.
  • Do not work in a sync copy saved to a USB key.
  • Working offline in the parent entity of a consolidated file displays a warning that synchronized copies of sub-entities will be created.

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