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Automatic Document Graphs

With the Graph view enabled, you can display a graphical overview of the data in your automatic documents. These overviews show the total balance of current and prior years for easy comparison.


  • Currently, only Leadsheet automatic documents are supported.
  • Leadsheets set to Active/Preceding Period or User Defined balance types are not supported.
  • Graphs only display year-to-date balances. Changing the document settings to period balances will not change the displayed balance.
  • Graphs are not affected by account ranges or by the inclusion of other basis adjustments.

To display the graph view:

  • From the View ribbon, click Graphs.

  • OR

  • From the View ribbon, click Show | Graphs.

The Graph pane will display on the right side of your Working Papers window. You can view the individual values in the graph by hovering over the data.

Some documents also support a relationship graph, which compares the values of related accounts.

When a class is assigned to the map or group, relevant ratios are displayed in the Graphs pane for comparison to the current and prior balances.