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Creating a Working Papers File from Scratch

You can create a blank Working Papers file. Note that it is easier to create a Working Papers file from an existing file.

  1. Open Working Papers or select File | New and then select New from the Open/New File Dialog.

  2. In the New File Name field, type the name of the new file. File names can be one to 100 characters long and can include spaces.

  3. The Location field displays the folder in which the new file will be located. To change this folder, click Browse to select the location of the folder in which the new file is to be located.

  4. Select the Blank file icon and click OK. The current file you are in, if any, closes and the new file opens.
  5. In the Engagement Properties dialog, specify the Year End Date and the Year Begin Date for your new file.

For information on other methods that you can use to create a new Working Papers file, see Creating a new file.

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