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Import Limitations for ASCII and Excel Files

When you are importing ASCII text files or Excel files into Working Papers, you should be aware of the character limits and record length limits imposed by Working Papers.

There are some limitations regarding the number of characters that CaseWare Working Papers can import for certain components of the import. The table below contains the maximum string length (number of ASCII characters) permitted for each field.

Field Maximum String Length
Account number and Entity 40
Account description 50
Account Extended Description 510; however, 80 is a safe limit for most imports
Adjusting Journal Entry Description 280
Adjusting Journal Entry Type 80
Entity abbreviation 40
Account division 6
Sub-account number 6
Split-account number 40
Journal source 2
Journal entry number 20
Journal entry description 35
Journal entry extended description Unlimited; however, 80 is a safe limit for most imports
Formula 510
Misstatement 80
Tax identifier 4
Annotation (URL) Unlimited

When using the Import Wizard for Excel files, you may encounter an error message indicating that the record length you are trying to import has exceeded the Wizard's limit. For efficiency and optimal performance, Working Papers imposes a limit on the maximum record length that can be processed. This maximum record length set by the Import Wizard is 15000. Ensure that your Excel file does not contain empty rows and columns since these are included in the record length number.

Note: When importing Excel files there is a 1024 character limit per cell.

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