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Importing ASCII Text Files and Excel Files

Working Papers can import the Chart of Accounts and General Ledger Balance, General Ledger Details, or Adjusting Journal Entries from ASCII text files and Excel files. The import can be delimited or fixed length.

  • If Protection is activated, the File permission "Import" is required to perform this operation.
  1. Open the client file in which you want to import.

  2. Select Engagement | Import | ASCII Text File or Engagement | Import | Excel File depending on the file type that you are importing.

    The ASCII Text File Import Wizard or Excel File Import Wizard is displayed.

  3. Complete the steps of the relevant Import Wizard. >>How Do I?
  4. Click Import to process the import. A dialog will appear to indicate that the process is complete.

The data from the ASCII file will be imported and available in Working Papers format.

  • Working Papers will replace invalid characters in account numbers with valid characters. If the replacement number conflicts with any existing accounts, the suffix _### will be added to the end of the number where ### represents a value from 001 to 999.
  • When importing Excel files there is a 1024 character limit per cell.
  • There is a limit of 200 journal source types. If you perform multiple imports, do not exceed 200 journal source types.
  • Consolidated files will generally take longer to import.
  • You can import up to four prior years' transaction amounts from Excel.

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