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Importing from a CaseWare Working Papers File

Import general ledger data from one Working Papers file into another.

  • If Protection is activated, the File permission "Import" is required to perform this operation.
  1. Open the client file in which you want to import.

  2. On the Engagement tab, in the Data group, click Import | CaseWare Working Papers File. The Import CaseWare File dialog will display.
  3. In the Import From field, type the path where the CaseWare Working Papers file that you would like to import is located or click Browse to locate the file manually.
  4. Select the period begin/end dates in the From and To drop-down lists.
  5. (Optional) Select Clear the journals in the data range only to clear GL detail in the specified data range only.

    Note: If unchecked, all GL detail will be cleared, both inside and outside the target date range.

  6. Click OK.

Note: To import adjusting journal entries, use the ASCII Text File and Excel File Import.

General ledger data in the specified date range is imported into the current Working Papers client file.

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