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Importing from CaseWare IDEA

In CaseWare IDEA, reports can be exported directly to the Document Manager. These reports are displayed as PDF files and saved on the Document Manager.

  1. In CaseWare IDEA, perform the applicable analysis.

  2. From the results tab on the IDEA database, click the Working Papers icon on the Report toolbar. If a Working Papers client file is currently open, the Document Manager dialog displays the Document Manager from that file. If no client file is open, click Browse and locate the applicable client file.

    A warning message displays if the destination file is a compressed file. Documents cannot be exported to compressed files.

  3. On the Document Manager, select a folder for the exported file. Fill in a Document Number and Name for the exported file. Click OK.

    An error displays if the document you are exporting has been given the same document number as any already on the Document Manager. You must give the IDEA document being exported a unique number.

  4. In Working Papers, the report is displayed in the selected location on the Document Manager and is indicated by the icon.

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