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Firm Author Help

The Firm Author help for Audit is organized into the following areas:

General Options

The AO - General Options document is used to define and customize the structure and properties of the work programs and checklists and to manage the firm’s default settings for many of 's automated features. The firm settings are applied globally and, for the most part, cannot be changed at the engagement file level. They must be completed prior to distributing the master template file to the engagement team.

Form Settings

Firm information, materiality and document prerequisites need to be defined before creating and customizing forms.

Authoring Work Programs and Checklists

Standard work programs that cover the main engagement areas are included with the template. Work programs can be created and modified to include procedures specific to the firm standards. Industry specific procedures can also be authored for use by the end user. Checklists contain procedures to address the engagement as a whole and for the planning, risk assessment, risk response and completion phases of the engagement. Checklists can be used for Yes/No and input type questions.

Letters and Other Forms

Placeholders for standard letters are included in the template. Firms can add their own wording to meet requirements for their relevant jurisdictions and firm preferences. Additional letters can be created using an existing letter as a base.

Financial Statement Areas Worksheet

As part of the planning process, the Financial Statement Areas (FSA) Worksheet can be used to identify significant accounts, financial disclosures and other sensitive areas.


Optimiser enables the Engagement team to build a better and customized Audit program by removing unnecessary documents, risks that are not applicable for the client, and work program or checklist procedures that do not meet the assessed level of risk for the financial statement area.

Content Management

Content is updated on a regular basis to incorporate new standards by various authors. Audit has a number of valuable tools designed to help manage the content of work programs and checklists. These tools can be used in combinations to keep the content up-to-date in the master template.

Deploying Template

If any customizations have been made to the master Audit template, the Repackage function must be run and the resulting template package (.cwp) file must be distributed to your Users and installed on their workstations.

This online help system applies to all CaseWare Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.