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Delete Row Action

The Delete Row action deletes a specified row from an existing table.

Under Enter Example

Run Skip Condition

If desired, enter skip conditions for the event. When the "Run Skip Condition" is evaluated to be true, the action is not performed.



Table label


Delete Row

Table row to delete (Starting at 1)


Number of rows to delete

The total number of rows to delete. The default is 1.


ACTION("DeleteRow", expr1,expr2)


expr1 = entry under Table

expr2 = entry under Delete Row

expr3 = number or rows to delete

ACTION("DeleteRow", "ABC", 2)

Deletes the second row in table ABC.

  • Deleting the last row deletes the entire table.
  • If a table is renamed, none of the related events (sort, insert, delete row) for that table receive an updated name. However, it is possible to use the CELLTABLE() function to create a reference to the table. If the event is within a table, use celltable() to get the table label automatically. If the event is outside of the table, use celltable(abc.a1), where abc.a1 is a cell number, to get the table label.

    This function always returns the table label even when table abc is renumbered.

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