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Launch CaseWare Dialog Action

The Launch CaseWare Dialog action opens a Working Papers or Time dialog.

Under Enter Example

Run Skip Condition

If desired, enter skip conditions for the event. When the "Run Skip Condition" is evaluated to be true, the action is not performed.


Dialog Code

Working Papers/Time dialog identifier (selected from the list)



Used to show only a limited data set. Standard filter expression. Available only for the Trial balance (WT) and the Split up account (SU) dialogs.

"LTRIM(AC_NO) = ’100’" for the (WT)Trial balance or "102" for the (SU) Split up account.

ACTION("LaunchCaseWareDialog", expr1, expr2)


expr1 = entry under Dialog Code

expr2 = entry under filter (available only for the Trial balance dialog)

ACTION("LaunchCaseWareDialog", "WTO","LTRIM(AC_NO) = ’100’")

  • The different tabs in the Document Properties dialog are now available in the list as separate items.
  • If the event is set up to launch the Working Trial Balance in a consolidated file, an entity and period selector appear to allow the user to select the entity and period in the consolidated file that is applicable.

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