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Inserting a Multi-Page Table of Contents Reference

Multiple page number cross-references are used to reference a range of pages in the document. For example, if you require a listing for the "Notes to Financial Statements" in the table of contents, create a multiple page table of contents to indicate the starting and ending pages of the notes.

To create a multiple table of contents entry, you must first create a starting and ending paragraph tag. Therefore, if your document has four notes, create a paragraph tag for Note 1 and a paragraph tag for Note 4.

  1. Position your cursor on the line on which you want to insert a page number reference.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Page Number Reference.

  3. Select a page number format.
  4. Under Paragraph tag references, select the Multiple page entry option.
  5. In the At/from paragraph tag box, select the name of the starting page number in the range. When creating a reference to the Financial Statement notes, select N1 for Note Number 1 paragraph tag.
  6. In the To paragraph tag box, select the name of the ending page number in the range. In the Notes example above, N4 for Note Number 4 would be selected.
  7. In the Range separator box, select a separator for the two page numbers.
  8. To add text before or after the page number (such as Page # of # Pages.), from the Range separator list, select Custom. Under Custom – Multiple Page, fill in the desired text to appear before the page reference, the separator to appear in the Between box and the text after in the End box. For example, to print the page reference as "Page x of x Pages.", enter "Page " in the Before box, "of" in the between box, and "Pages." in the End box.

The multiple page entry appears as {T#-#} while working in the CaseView document. Access the print preview screen to view the actual page number range.

Tip: Display only text for button cells cannot be used for a note number cross-reference.

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