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Creating a Menu Button in the Freeze

Menus can be built in the Freeze to allow for a wide range of functions.

  1. Place the cursor in the Freeze pane.
  2. On the Home tab, click Cell.

  3. Enter a unique cell number and click OK.

  4. In the Cell Type list, select Button.
  5. In the Menu list, select Left Click Menu.
  6. In the Calculation box, enter a name for the menu button in double-quotes.
  7. On the Button tab, ensure Text is selected as the button type, which will use the title entered in the Calculation Box as the button face.
  8. Use the Menu tab to build the left-click menu (see below).
  9. Click OK.

When a button contains a left-click menu, it will include a pulldown arrow to indicate a menu exists.

  1. Double-click the cell to open the Edit Cell dialog and click the Menu tab.
  2. Click Menu and select New to create the new menu. Enter any applicable details for the new menu, such as the Title.
  3. For each command to appear in the menu, click the button under the Items area.
  4. Select the inserted item in the item list, in the Item Type list, select Action.
  5. Click Edit Action to associate an action event to the command. How the event is built depends on which action is selected. Refer to the Event Functions list for a full listing of available commands.
  6. In the Text box, enter a title for the command, in double-quotes, which will appear in the menu.
  7. Configure any remaining options as needed.
  8. Separator-type items may also be inserted in the item list to create a more polished menu.
  9. When complete, click OK.

As an example, if a cell is created to handle the various options for manipulating a Table, the Menu tab could look similar to this:

This configuration will produce the following menu in Form mode and Form mode with editing:

These menu commands have associated actions which make use of the CVDOCPOS function to use the cursor's current location as the basis of the command:

When a user in Form mode clicks within a table and then chooses Table | Insert Row from the customized button menu, CaseView uses the table name ("#TN") and row selected ("#TR") as the basis for the insertion point.

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